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Proud leader of the local hyper-local culinary movement in the province, Bacalao celebrates the cuisine and culture of Newfoundland & Labrador. Bacalao offers comfortable fine dining in a turn of the century home with a passionate focus on local seafood, game, produce and spirits.

Newfoundland shares its culinary history of enjoying salt cod with many other cultures. Bacalao (bak-al-OW) is the word for salt cod (with variations in spelling and pronunciation) throughout much of the world. The versatility and much-beloved nature of this time-honoured staple ingredient is the inspiration for our name and exemplifies our innovative interpretation of Newfoundland cuisine.

I consider myself an ambassador for Newfoundland cuisine to the world. Operating Bacalao is the realization of a dream. We would be honoured to have you dine with us! Welcome and Bon Appétit!  – Andrea

Andrea Maunder, Owner, Wine Expert & Pastry Chef