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Bacalao creates “Nouvelle Newfoundland Cuisine”- an innovative interpretation of local cuisine… familiar flavours in new presentations.

Our focus is on local produce, products and spirits. In season, and as much as possible, we endeavour to source quality local ingredients from passionate producers… everything from garlic to game and seafood to spirits.

We proudly cook with ingredients from the Organic Farm, Fagan’s Farm, Seed to Spoon, Rushmere, Morry’s and Reid’s Sheep Farms, Newfoundland Duck Co., Rodriques Winery, Central Dairies, Five Brothers Cheese, Mt. Scio Savoury, Newfoundland Eggs, Country Ribbon, Purity Factories, Fogo Island Cod Pot Cod, Lester’s Farm, NL Organics and other wonderful producers. Our drygoods and restaurant supplies are purchased from local companies.

We give preference to locally produced and bottled spirits and beer and take great pride in our thoughtfully chosen (and tasted!) international wine list, including a special list of limited production/small lots.

Our ‘Bacalao Blend’ fair trade organic coffee is roasted locally by Jumping Bean. Bathroom hand soap is made locally by Tval!

All desserts are made in house, showcase local berries and fruits in season and other local flavours. Every dish, dressing and condiment is made from scratch.

We use as much recycled and recyclable materials as possible, use enviro-friendly cleaning products and subscribe to a recycling programme. We have found takeout containers that are fully compostable!