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The Bacalao Bloody Caesar
Clamato, Iceberg IceFusions Cucumber Vodka, hot sauce, Worcestershire & fresh cracked pepper with a pickled asparagus spear. $9

The Bacalao Mimosa
An individual 200 ml bottle of Freixenet Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) with orange juice and a squirt of homemade partridgeberry coulis. $14

Coffee/Tea, etc.
Our locally-roasted COFFEE is freshly ground from whole beans. Our Bacalao Blend, a proprietary dark, rich blend is specially crafted for us by Jumping Bean. It’s fair trade & organic.

We also have an espresso machine and make great espressos, cappuccinos and lattes!

We offer a special selection of quality loose TEAS from Jumping Bean, including the proprietary Bacalao Cuppa. See the list for the rest. Don’t worry – we have Tetley teabags for you die-hards.

Appetizers / Salads

Bacalao’s Seafood Chowder
Resplendent with beautiful NL seafood – cod, bay scallops, coldwater shrimp, & snow crab in a light cream broth. Brightly flavoured with Pernod, herbs & a touch of citrus. $12

Caesar with Options
Crisp romaine with our homemade Caesar dressing, caramelized house-cured bacon, crunchy croutons and Parmesan crisp. $12
Add slices of our house-brined, roasted chicken breast $5

Cod Tongue Salad
Crispy cod tongues atop mixed freens, fresh mushrooms, house-cured bacon, asparagus, dressed with vinaigrette made from locally-bottled O’Leva toasted almond oil. $17

Mixed Greens with Mil’s homemade dressing
Simple and fresh. Tossed with the locally-inspired dressing Garde-manger Chef Mil decided to make today. Your server will fill you in. $9

Main Courses

Partridgeberry-Apple Belgian Waffles
Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside served with warm partridgeberry-apple compote and whipped cream. $14
With house-made sausages or house-cured bacon. Add $4

Crunchy Lemon-Blueberry French Toast
Egg-dipped and coated in a crunchy mixture of nuts and cereals served with homemade lemon-blueberry compote. $14
With house-made sausages or house-cured bacon. Add $4

Omelette of the Day
Inspired by seasonal ingredients. Served with savoury homefries, toast and fresh fruit salad. $17

George Street Special
2 eggs, house-made sausages and house-cured bacon, toutons & molasses, homemade baked beans, our savoury homefries & fruit salad. $19

Steak and Eggs
6 ounce AAA striploin steak topped, warm red onion jam, 2 eggs, toast, savoury homefries and fresh fruit. $20

Smoked Salmon Benedict
Toasted English muffins topped with poached eggs, Atlantic smoked salmon and lemon Hollandaise sauce. With homefries and fresh fruit. $19

Eggs in the Nest
A tasty nest of salt meat, turnip, carrot, potato and sautéed onion hash topped with fried eggs, served with homefries, homemade mustard pickle & fresh fruit. $17

The Bacalao way… caramelized onions, salt fish and brewis, sautéed together in butter. With fresh fruit. Scruncheons optional. $16

Bacalao Fritters & Eggs
Crispy fritters of salt cod and potato, seasoned with Newfoundland savoury. Served with lemon and green peppercorn aioli, 2 eggs, toast and fresh fruit. $18

Daphne’s Cod au Gratin
(Mom’s fabulous recipe) Flaky cod in a creamy béchamel, topped with melted cheddar. With green salad and savoury homefries. $20

Cod Tongues ‘Deluxe’
Crispy and delicious with homemade baked beans and savoury homefries. Served with lemon green-peppercorn aioli and fresh fruit. $20

Our house-made sausages, house-cured bacon, Newfoundland eggs, local multigrain bread and passionate focus on locally-sourced ingredients make the Bacalao Brunch a singular experience!

In the event of discrepency between the on line menu and the printed in house menu, the latter shall prevail.