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Bacalao’s wine list includes a thoughtfully-chosen selection of quality wines we are able to acquire reliably. We have enjoyed each and every one and recommend them all with confidence (tough job but such is the life of a restaurateur!).

We feature a wide selection of varietals and styles at a variety of price points from many wine regions. We are in constant search for list-worthy wines and frequently add to our list… currently at 100+ wines. In addition, we are pleased to offer a separate list of specialty wines we are able to acquire in limited quantities, from time to time. (Usually 25+ on this list.) We offer four reds and four whites by the glass, selection changes frequently. Often, there is an additional wine feature.

We proudly feature locally-produced berry and sap wines, with a good selection by the glass also.

Bacalao’s wine menu features our tasting notes for every bottle. And our staff are well-trained in our wine list (many have studied in a sommelier programme). Bacalao’s on-site wine expert, Andrea Maunder or Assistant Wine Director, Tracy Phillips, will also be happy to help with your selection. (You can check out Andrea’s wine picks on Rogers TV, One Chef, One Critic!)

If you would like more information about our wine lists, call (709) 579-6565 or email