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Hi.This was the first time that my Mother and I had the pleasure of dining here.The lunch was delicious and the service was first rate.For guests of our province this is the place to go for real Newfoundland food.

Charlene & Regan Power

We very much enjoyed our visit to your restaurant last night. The food was spectacular and the servings certainly left noone hungry. The chicken and fish were moist and fresh. I loved the Rasberry Fizz recommended by your server and I thought the Lemon cheesecake was fantastic! Our server was very friendly and was knowledgeable about the menu. It was a very relaxing atmosphere where I felt like I was not rushed through my meal (as a mom of a toddler that does not happen often). Thank you so much for a wonderful evening out!


We attended Bacalao this afternoon for brunch. The Nouvelle Newfoundland Cuisine was exceptional, the service was superior and professional. It is impressive to have traditional Newfoundland food with exotic twists in a modern bistro style resto. One of the best experiences in Newfoundland without question. I will recommend it to anyone visiting the province.


I just want to say that I love how you focus on local products from local producers. I think it’s just wonderful. Looking forward to eating at you restaurant very soon.

Derrick Bishop

Spectacular food, wine and service. Nice to see even though you are a fine dinning class restaurant you have stayed true to the Newfoundland tradition in you dishes. If I’m in NL I want cod in any form. The fish was great, hope we can make it back some day?

Steve & Laurie

For me being a aussie, and in province getting married, my wife a local girl, what a restaurant, this was out of this world, the tastes and textures of the meal, the ambience of the restaurant, and the service meant you wanted to come back for more, and thats what we did on the Wednesday, so for both a Aussie, and a local we both agreed that this restaurant is one not to miss

Chris & Cindy

Bacalao was one of our best dining experiences of the entire year, anywhere in the world! We had to come back for one last meal in Newfoundland before returning to New York. Thank you, Mike and staff, for showing us the best of Newfoundland – the local dishes and ingredients, the wines, and most of all your friendliness and hospitality. If only we had a restaurant like this in New York City! We can’t wait to come back again.

Sonia & Wayne Percey

Great food, absolutely wonderful place to dine. We’re both Nflder’s, enjoyed being home dining at a real downhome restaurant. Great service…great people…what can we say! We spoke to Mike briefly but we had no idea that the other part of the duo was Andrea Maunder. I worked with your Dad for many years at CJON/Q-RADIO and as a matter of fact he was the master of ceremonies at our wedding 29 yrs ago this month. Please say hello to him for us My maiden name was (Sullivan).

Kristof Alentijns

Great food, best I ever had in Newfoundland and some of the best I’ve ever had tout court! Very good service too. Overall a great eating experience.

Allan Thomas

Had a great meal last night, we wre there with another couple. Staff was great and food super especially the cabbage roll. Have recommended your place to friends already